Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Tonight's post will chronicle my packing. I guess I'm bored to be writing about something as mundane as packing. But I'll do a small post anyway.

Decided to take the camping gear, just in case, and to act as a backrest while I'm riding. I have a waterproof duffle bag that holds everything (tent, sleeping mat, ground cloth, pillowcase, sleeping bag and liner, and a couple of lights. They fit pretty well, and there's actually room to spare. The bag should feel good when my back is getting tired from sitting and riding.

I bought a new camera for the trip last night. It's a Nikon point and shoot model, one highly rated by Consumer Reports. It has a 10X optical zoom, with the anti-vibration thing, so it should take pretty good pictures. My old Sony, now 6 years old, takes very good pictures now, but it's been abused enough to the point that it malfunctions whenever you zoom out and then back in again. It has to be turned off and then re-opened before another pic can be taken. I hate that it had to be replaced, but too many drops have done it in, I guess. Also, the battery had become exhausted and was good for maybe 50 pictures between recharges. So, the camera and charger will hit the road with me.

Will take my netbook and charger, too, so I can write these blogs. I figured out how to tether it to my phone so that I have high speed Internet whenever I have a phone signal. I've played with the tethering, and it works remarkedly well; almost as fast as my wireless connection at home.

Usual clothes; basically all I own of the polyester/quick drying variety. They work very well to wash and partially dry in the room overnight.

Usual toiletries.


Binoculars (although I take them on virtually every trip, I rarely use them. I bet they have 100,000 miles on them).

Shopping list for Aerostich. As mentioned in an earlier post, I am going by their store to pick up a few items.

Bumblebee. Actually the Aerostich Roadcrafter (which I call the bumblebee). It's my riding garment of choice in cool to warm weather. Waterproof (well, almost), windproof, and very protective, in a package that is actually comfortable on the bike. I plan to wear it sometimes, particularly in the rain.

Olympia Phantom mesh suit for hot weather. It's a good suit, but not as comfortable as the Bumblebee, and I don't think it's anywhere as protective as the bumblebee. But it's cooler, so I'll wear it a lot, particularly until I find cooler places.

Swimsuit (probably won't use it, but then who knows...)

Sahara Vest. It's a vest that is soaked in water, and then worn in really hot conditions. As the water evaporates, it has a cooling effect. Actually works very well; I've used it on several rides, and it has made otherwise unbearable heat bearable (but still pretty darned uncomfortable.)

Jumper cables, if I can find them. Hopefully not needed, but invaluable if needed.

That's most of the stuff I'm taking.

Also purchased a membership in MedJetAssist, a service that will "repatriate" me if I were to become injured or sick and in a hospital. It covers the cost to transport me to the hospital I want to go to in appropriate plane (with medical support people in the plane). It also pays to transport my bike back home. All at no additional cost. I hope I never need it, but if I did, it would make getting home so much easier and cheaper.

I guess this is enough for tonight.

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